Safe Falling Class: Suggested Equipment

While young adults in good shape can learn to fall with very basic floor-level mats,
for older adults thick "crash-pad" mats are essential for a safe falling class.

Proper Mats for a Safe Falling Class - 

Three mat setups are needed for the basic Fearless Falling curriculum:

1. A matted surface for practicing the basic rolling back and side fall positions, 1-2" (3-6cm) thick.  
    Each student will require a 3x5 foot (1x2m) space.

2. A slightly slanted vertical mat surface for practicing the "Slap the Cheese" technique.  
    This should be about 6 feet (2m) high and at least 4-6" (10-15cm) thick.
slap the cheese mat

3. A large "crash pad" tumbling mat for actual falling practice.  
    This should be at least 5x10 feet (2x3m) for 2 to 3 students at a time, and 12-14" (30-35cm) thick
crashpad mat

The basic mat set for a class of four to sixteen is three, 2" thick, 5'x10' five-section folding gym mats, and two, 4" thick, 5'x10' single fold "crash-pad" type mats. These five mats allow a variety of setups for safe falling practice. This mat set is moderately expensive, about $3000, and requires a storage space of at least 100 cubic feet.
mat set
Showing how the 2" thick mats fold up:
mat set folding

Many gymnastics locations have the equivalent setup with a 2" firmly padded "floor exercise" area, and 8-14" thick large crash-pad mats.

Whetstone mats