~ Fearless Falling Classes ~
Class format and general information:

The Fearless Falling program is an exercise class.  
You will be strengthening your body along with learning specific methods and techniques.

The class does "Spreading the Wild Horse's Mane. (or, Serve the Pizza!)"     ~ Photo by S. Heckman

Fearless Falling Class Attire:

Clothing: You should wear comfortable, loose, "athletic" clothing.  Avoid tight or restrictive garments.  Normal street wear is fine if it is not tight or binding.  You do not have to wear "yoga pants," or spandex tights.

Shoes: We are usually on a gymnastics mat.  You should not wear "street shoes" on the mat.  You can wear socks, go barefoot, or wear inside-only workout shoes.  Ideally, your workout shoes will have relatively smooth soles.  Good shoes will help your balance, but if the sole has an aggressive tread pattern it will be more difficult to do some of the foot-sliding Tai Chi movements on the mat.

You should not wear dangling jewelry, loose wrist bracelets, or watches.  You should empty your pockets of loose change or wallets.

Fearless Falling Class Format:

The first section of the class consists of warm-up and body stretching and relaxing exercises.  We start at the top, with gentle neck rolls, and move down the body to the final ankle rolls.  In addition to basic stretching and joint movement, we do a number of  balance drills and stepping movements.

The second section of class focuses on specific falling  techniques.  We always practice the basic back and forth, and side to side, rolling motions down on the floor.  The "Slap the Cheese" action is practiced on a vertical surface.  Finally, we do actual practice of the full sitting down and rolling back falling motion on various mats; both directly back and to the side.

Dawn and Dianne "Slap the Cheese," as they practice their forward falls.   ~photo by Tom Dodge- Cols. Dispatch

The third and last section of the class is practice of our Taiji form, and discussion and practice of self-defense applications.