Fearless Falling Online Lessons

These lessons on Fearless Falling techniques and related skills are presented with three caveats:

1.  Nothing works well unless you practice it many times.
2.  Any physical exercise or movement is potentially hazardous.
3.  The Fearless Falling program is an EXERCISE course.

That said, our opinion is that doing something is always better than doing nothing.  Some of the movements in the following lessons can be stressful or even dangerous if you have certain conditions: severe vertabral issues with "slipped" or ruptured discs, especially in your upper or lower (cervical or lumbar) spine, extremely limited joint mobility due to arthritis or total joint replacement, very weak bone structure due to osteoporosis,  heart or extreme hypertension issues, herniated abdominal areas, etc..  
As always: "Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program."

  Information for safe falling technique instructors:
   Additional Lessons from Fearless Falling:

Basic Safe Falling Methods:

Falling Basics